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  • Sundon Ozone Generator – O3 Ionizer – Portable Commercial & Industrial Use Machine – Fireproof Tested, Black (40,000mg/h)

    🇬🇧REBUILD YOUR BUSINESS: Have you made the necessary steps to protect your staff, customers and attract new customers to your establishment/workplace? Avoid closing your work place for 14 days by eliminating unwanted viruses & bacteria. You’re instilling confidence with your staff, customers, potential customers, family members and friends.
    ⚡NEUTRALISE THE VIRUS & BACTERIA: Eliminate airborne bacteria & viruses through the process of oxidisation. It also immediately removes cooking fumes, musty odour, animal smell, unwanted odours and formaldehyde. It’s easy to use with a newly improved timer, it allows you to control the length of purification time. and please note that ALL ozone generators on the market are meant to be used in unoccupied spaces.
    🥇RANKED 1 FOR MOST POWERFUL OZONE GENERATORS: Over 40,000mg of ozone production and a larger fan sterilises more square footage. Our commercial grade ozone generator requires low maintenance (no filters to clean) and it’s portable design makes it compact and lightweight. You can use the ozone generator virtually anywhere in your home, office and enclosed workplace.