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  • DEAR-JY Ozone Generator Purifier,Ozone production 15 g/h,Air Purifiers Commercial Ozone Generator,High concentration for laboratory Formaldehyde Sterilization Ozone Machine

    ★ WORKING PRINCIPLE: Ozone sterilizers are based on the principle of light discharge, and cargoes that use ozone in the air as the main raw material. Its creep discharge technology can eliminate the release of high-concentration ozone. Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidants known. At a certain concentration, it can quickly kill water and air in various harmful bacteria. It is recognized worldwide as a variety of effective fungicides.
    ★ ODOR REMOVAL FUNCTION: Ozone production: 15 g / hour, Voltage: 220V. Powerful deodorizing function and air improvement function: This device almost eliminates all caused by cigarettes, smoke, pets, vapors, dusts, water damage, smoke, cooking odors and other irritants in the air Bad smell.
    ★ COMMERCIAL OZONE MACHINE: Commercial ozone generators of industrial quality-low maintenance costs (no need to clean and clean the NO filter), portable (compact and lightweight design makes the ozone generator can be used almost anywhere-at home, office, boat, car etc. )!