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  • Kücheks Silent Air Conditioner Air Coolers for Home Portable Air Conditioning Unit Office Air Cooler 39.7 * 32.8 * 76.5cm

    1. [Summer Relics] Whether you want to cool down in a hot kitchen or stay comfortable while watching TV, a practical air cooler is always your best choice. Just add water and press the on switch to create your own personal comfort zone.
    2. [Ease of Use] The three-in-one air cooler integrates refrigeration, humidification and air purification. The device has 3 speed settings to choose from: high, medium and low. So you can find the ideal breeze to stay cool on hot summer days.
    3. [Perfect Humidifier] When cold water vapor is circulated indoors, it will increase humidity and make the air drier, thereby improving skin, sleep and concentration.