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  • 20000mg/h Commercial Ozone Generator, Industrial O3 Air Purifier, Portable Ozone Generator Machine with Timer for Home…

    High Capacity 20,000 mg/h: Upgraded ozone machine support high ozone output of 20,000 mg/h, large ozone area, high operating efficiency.
    Odors Removal: The ozone generator air purifier is powerful to deodorize and sterilize your space from Formaldehyde/Pm2.5/Bacterial/Secondhand Smokegerms/Benzene/Odor/Pollen/Tvoc/Dust Mite/viruses and VOCs.
    Widely Used: A must-have for large rooms, offices, hotels, restaurants, farms, labs, pet zones, basements, garages, vessels, hospitals, schools and kindergartens, water and fire damaged areas, etc.