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  • COSTWAY Upgraded Commercial Ozone Generator, 5000mg Industrial O3 Air Purifier | Deodorizer | Sterilizer for Home, Office, Boat and Car, Black

    【ENJOY FRESH PURIFIED AIR】Do you want to remove the smoke, far away the mold, bacterica and mites from your house, your office, from your car and boat?Our air purifier deodorizer can help you solve it! If you choose our ozone generator,it can promote you metabolism, breathe and sleep better!
    【WASHABLE & DURABLE STRAINER】Different from other O3 generator,our upgrade O3 generator equipped with a durable air filter,which made from high grade metal wire ,you can take it out then wash and wipe it when it become dirty, that means, the reusable filter doesn’t need to be changed even used for long time but still with optimum performance
    【2-HOUR TIMER FUNCTION】A newly improved timer is more useful,allowing you can control the length of purification time up to 2 hours,then turned off automatically,you can come back after ozone-deodorizing process is complete, wait some time for the Ozone inside to dissipate and revert to Oxygen.